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Insured with the insurance company AXA under the policy number 730.390.160
Real estate agent approved in Belgium under the n° IPI : 515.600
Company number: BE079 626 050

Sell your property in Belgium with Behind The Door

You are looking to sell your property and are looking for a reliable and experienced estate agent to assist you in the process. At Behind The Door, we have a long history of selling property and pride ourselves on providing a quality service to our clients. We have an extensive database of potential clients and a team of qualified professionals who are on hand to assist you throughout the sales process. With our expertise, we can guarantee you a fast, efficient and profitable sales process. So don’t hesitate and let us handle the sale of your property today!

Why trust Behind The Door?

Our sales tools 2.0!

  • Professional photo reportage
  • Production of a complete video highlighting the entire property
  • E-mail marketing
  • Promotion on social networks
  • Press
  • Publication on adverts websites


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